Dancing In The Pain: Understanding Flexor Hallucis Longus Tendonitis In Ballet Dancers

Posted on: 19 April 2016

Some injuries are nearly unique to ballet dancers, and flexor hallucis longus tendonitis is one of them. The condition is painful and can disrupt your dance routine. However, understanding what causes the ailment and what symptoms to watch for may spare you from being sidelined on the dance floor. What is flexor hallucis longus tendonitis? The flexor hallucis longus tendon is a muscle in the calf that helps to provide power to the foot. [Read More]

Physical Therapy Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercises That Can Correct Your Urinary Frequency Problems

Posted on: 19 April 2016

If you are an older woman and you have bladder issues such as urinary incontinence, physical therapy treatments aimed at retraining your urinary muscles can fix this problem that frequently sends you running to the bathroom to empty your bladder. Running to the bathroom only increases the downward movement of urine. Right then, urine spills on your undergarment clothing and onto the toilet seat. You can stop bladder issues of urinary frequency by performing physical therapy-directed pelvic floor muscle strengthening exercises. [Read More]

3 Ways That A Foot And Ankle Specialist Can Help

Posted on: 4 April 2016

One of the most useful medical professionals to consult is a foot and ankle specialist, mostly because any issues with your feet and ankle can cause problems with a variety of other parts of your body. Listed below are just a few of the ways that a foot and ankle specialist can help you. Running Health One of the biggest reasons that many people see a foot and ankle specialist is to determine if they can take up running. [Read More]

Three Lesser-Known Uses For Medical Cannabis

Posted on: 21 March 2016

Every since President Nixon declared his War On Drugs in the 1970s, marijuana has been a topic of debate among recreational users, those who believe cannabis has medical value, and the people who still view marijuana as a dangerous drug. With the recent changes in the law regarding the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes, there has been a lot of buzz around just what this "drug" could be useful for when it comes to medical treatment, and it no doubt leaves you with questions as an onlooker. [Read More]